At Reliance Funding, we understand that your lottery prize winnings may not always match your wants and needs. Situations change, opportunities arise, and needs grow. As Your Smart Choice we can offer access to the industry leading experts to develop a plan to fit your financial needs.

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Meet with a Reliance Funding Executive Buyer

Our dedicated executive buyers are ready and willing to help you meet your financial goals, but first they need to understand what you want.


Developing A Plan

Your dedicated executive buyer and you will work to develop a plan that meets your needs, which will then be finalized with appropriate contract documents.

Getting Approved

The transfer of lottery winnings in exchange for a lump-sum payment requires court approval.  Once the court order is obtained, approving the transaction, this completes the most difficult part of the process.

Acknowledging the Transfer

After a court order is obtained in your state, Reliance then gets a lottery acknowledgement confirming that the lottery has received, and will comply with, the court order and the transaction is then completed and the lump-sum payment made.

Getting Paid

At Reliance Funding, we offer a number of different flexible ways in which we can deliver your money.  We typically fund by either a direct wire to your account or by overnighting a check to you.

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Why Reliance Funding?

At Reliance Funding, we understand lottery winners. Whether you want to sell one payment, or all your remaining payments, we’re there to help. Nothing is too big or small for Reliance Funding.


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