An annuity is a financial contract that provides for payments over a specific period of time.  Annuity payments can be scheduled for a set term or for as long as you are alive, also known as “life-contingent payments”.  In either case, often times an individual’s financial goals and circumstances may change or an annuity may have been inherited and the money previously invested in the annuity may be needed today.  Reliance Funding can provide you with immediate cash for your annuity.  Let one of our executive buyers help you today.

Inherited Annuities

At times people may inherit an annuity from a deceased relative. While receiving an annuity like this can provide great financial benefits, often times your financial needs are different than the original annuity holder. At Reliance Funding, we develop customized solutions to convert that inherited annuity into a lump-sum of cash today to meet your specific cash needs.”

The process is simple:

Call Us:

Contact an account representative at Reliance Funding to get started. Our representative will work with you to customize a solution that fits your immediate and long-term financial needs.


When the customized financial solution is complete we send it to you in writing, review any questions and finalize the documents.

Getting Approval:

We take those documents to court to get your financial solution approved. Don’t worry, your personal account representative will help guide you through the process and Reliance Funding provides an experienced attorney to help ensure your solution is properly presented.

Getting Paid:

When the court approval is received and the insurance company acknowledges the courts approval the transaction is complete and you receive your funds! All payments are processed immediately to ensure a quick and easy transfer.

Get A Cash Advance

Life Contingent Annuities

At Reliance Funding we have developed a proprietary product that will allow you to convert life contingent annuity payments into a guaranteed cash lump sum that can be used today. Our process is fast and simple and requires no medical exams or blood test.


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